Moving on with confidence

14th Jul 2016

In the year to date, we have supported 12 individuals to move to supported living or return to the family home, with many more currently working towards achieving their hopes and dreams!

At the Heathcotes Group, our mission is that people who use our services experience a happy, fulfilled life, and be as independent as possible. We offer real opportunities to acquire new skills and strengthen existing ones. For many individuals who we support, their ultimate hopes and goals are to live independently in the community with minimal or no support, so from the outset of their placement with us, we will be working towards those aims.

Many individuals will come to us from a hospital setting, and can be very institutionalised and have little or no experience of the skills for daily living. Our staff teams work with individuals to increase their skills in all areas to achieve independence; culinary skills, community skills, relationship building, self-care, budgeting, family contact and promoting self-confidence.

We see it as a huge success when people we support move onto a more independent setting - it is what we are all about. We are generally commissioned on a time limited basis, as an intermediary between hospital and a more independent setting. If you would be interested in discussing how we might assist in this way with any of the people you support, please contact our Commissioning Team on 01246556453.

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