Fowl play at Heathcotes Arnold as ducklings arrive!

25th Jul 2017

baby ducks-crop

Heathcotes services in Arnold recently welcomed some cute feathered friends with the arrival of five ducklings!

Service users were keen to keep some pets and they made a collective decision to provide a happy home for some baby birds. Heathcotes built a special area within the grounds for the ducklings (officially known as the Heathcotes babies!) to waddle and paddle at their leisure.

Taking the ducklings under their wing has been a very rewarding and educational experience for the residents at Heathcotes Arnold. They’ve had a wonderful time learning about how to look after their young pets. By all accounts the ducklings are having a quacking time too - it seems that Heathcotes and our service users have created a home that really fits the bill!

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