PJ's Warehouse Experience

25th Aug 2017

PJ, who lives at Heathcotes' Park View, has started voluntary work in a recycling warehouse in Wellingborough and is making a great impression there!  

PJ* is the type of person who likes to help out - he enjoys working around the house with tasks such as mowing the lawn, cleaning the car and doing tip runs. Having previously supported other service users with work placements at the warehouse in Wellingborough, a Heathcotes' staff member suggested it to PJ, who loved the idea.

PJ had an interview with the manager Michele and started work a couple of months ago. His main jobs are sorting out DVDs and magazines and separating different materials from each other. PJ has already made some good friends and has planned some social events with them.

Until now PJ never had the opportunity to do voluntary work due to his acquired brain injury and slight physical disability. Since he moved out of his parents’ house, PJ has always been in care, either supported living or residential.  He likes to get out of the house, has a sense of purpose and feel useful. He’s certainly got it all sorted at his new workplace!

*to respect the wishes of the service user we have not used his full name

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