Heathcotes make stable relationship at donkey sanctuary

28th Nov 2017


Staff and residents at Heathcotes Alverthorpe House recently visited a local donkey sanctuary and our service users were so charmed by marvellous mules that they decided to adopt one!

The Wonkey Donkey is a purpose-built centre in Knottingley, West Yorkshire, which rescues the animals, nurses them back to health and enables them to enjoy the rest of their lives in comfortable, caring surroundings. It currently has 21 donkeys and is looking to rescue more in the future. The sanctuary offers visitors the chance to adopt donkeys with monthly sponsorship and Heathcotes chose to adopt Poppy, who was born there in 2011. Known as the quiet one, Poppy enjoys running around the field and playing with the football. She is very sweet, very playful and loves attention from everyone she meets.


Poppy’s mum is Starlight and her best friend at The Wonkey Donkey is Tippy. Poppy and Tippy grew up together and they now have some new buddies to play with as Heathcotes service users are sure to be back at the centre for a catch-up in the near future!

Louise Heppinstall, Service Manager at Alverthorpe House, said: “It was a very enjoyable day for staff and service users. The donkeys were great fun and beautifully behaved. The Wonkey Donkey’s work would not continue without the donations and sponsorship provided by the public. It’s a self-funded, non-profitable organisation and it does fantastic work in providing a happy home for these lovely animals. We look forward to seeing Poppy and the others again soon!”

Further information about The Wonkey Donkey is available at http://www.wonkey-donkey.co.uk/

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