Santa stops by at Heathcotes Morley!

19th Dec 2017



Heathcotes Morley welcomed some very special guests last week when Mr and Mrs Claus made an appearance at this year’s Christmas party!

Service users from around the Yorkshire region came to enjoy what turned out to be a very busy occasion with plenty of festive treats on offer. One services brought Christmas cake and coffee, another services brought mince pies and hot chocolate and the third services brought turkey and stuffing sandwiches!

The service users loved spending time with Santa. He gave each person a present to take away and noted everyone’s wish list for the 25th. The party took place on the UK’s official Christmas Jumper Day and everyone was suitably attired in garishly festive knitwear to raise money for charity.

Heathcotes Regional Manager, Craig Lister, commented on the day:

“It was lovely to see everyone gather in one place. A few months ago some of the service users would not have got involved in an event like this, so it was a huge achievement for them. They have made excellent progress with the support of Heathcotes staff, who have been as dedicated and hard-working as ever this year. It was a great day all-round. Well done to all involved – I must say, the hot chocolate was the best I have ever tasted!”


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