Drawing inspiration from Joanne’s Blue Peter Badge!

23rd Jan 2018

Blue Peter-3

Now in its 60th year and approaching its 5,000th episode, the BBC’s Blue Peter is one of the world’s longest-running TV shows and a national institution. One of the programme’s most cherished traditions is the Blue Peter Badge, a special award given to viewers who send interesting letters, poems, pictures and stories. The badge is every bit as iconic as the show itself and we are delighted to report that a Heathcotes service user has just become a proud owner of one!

Joanne, who lives at Heathcotes Sandal, drew a picture of a pig as part of a competition recently held by Blue Peter. She posted the artwork to the show and in return, they sent her an embroidered Blue Peter Badge that is now her prized possession. It has certainly stirred Joanne’s creativity and she has sent some more pictures to Blue Peter in the hope of another response.

Congratulations Joanne – we’ve all drawn inspiration from your achievement!


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