Heathcotes help to raise the bear necessities for Snowy’s release!

19th Feb 2018

Yorkshire folk may have come across a story that made the regional news on ITV’s Calendar regarding a kidnap which took place in West Haddlesey. The victim was Snowy, a cuddly polar bear which occupied pride of place as a cherished decoration underneath the village’s Christmas tree. 


A ransom note from the bear-nappers demanded a £1,000 donation to World Cancer Day in exchange for poor Snowy’s release. Heathcotes Alverthorpe heard of Snowy’s unbearable plight via a service user’s brother and the services sprang into action to help secure his safe return!  To raise funds for the ransom money they carried out sponsored walks, dances, silences and even a sponsored talk. The local community rallied round and, with Heathcotes’ support, they managed to raise the ransom money!

Having returned safe and well, Snowy spent a week at Alverthorpe House to say thank you for all our help.  As you can see from the pictures, our new-found polar pal was keen to show his appreciation by helping out with chores around the home, with the occasional tea break and a bit of TV watching thrown in!  



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