We’re really digging LB’s work!

24th Apr 2018

So much of what we do at Heathcotes is about laying the groundwork for our service users to
develop a more independent life. We’re delighted to see that approach work wonders at Heathcotes
Kirkland, where service user LB teamed up with support staff to revamp part of the outdoor space
with an amazing landscaping project!

after 3
Kirklands is a lovely place, with attractive grounds that are fantastic for enjoying the summer
months, but a small section behind the bin storage area was starting to look in need of a makeover.
Team Leader Rob Garton and service user LB approached Service Manager Ricky Farnill with an idea
to resolve the problem. Ricky liked their suggestion, so Rob and LB came up with diagrams and
prices to illustrate what they had in mind and their project plans received the green light.
It’s a job that would usually be covered by Heathcotes’ dedicated maintenance service, but on this
occasion we discussed the possibility of LB having a go at the work with Rob’s help. Everyone agreed
it would be an excellent idea, paving the way for Heathcotes’ own DIY SOS to spring into action!
Ricky picks up the story:

after 1
“Over a two day period, LB and Rob were hard at work - laying concrete, levelling the ground,
putting a slate bed down and making some homemade flower beds. The end result is very
impressive. I became the delegated cup of tea maker for the whole operation! It showed to me how
much the staff and service users care about where they work and live, and the pride they take in it. It
was great to see staff and service users working together, and to see them looking at the finished
results with smiles on their faces. Rob and LB have future plans to make a vegetable patch around
the back of the home with the material they removed.”

As you can see from the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs, they’ve done a fantastic job. Well done, LB
and Rob – you’ve got skill and imagination in spades!

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