Heathcotes Erdington are licensed to grill!

11th May 2018

Heathcotes Erdington have never been shy to fire up the barbecue when the opportunity presents itself and they made the most of the recent glorious weather to grill a mouth-watering feast while soaking up the sun.


As you can see from the photographs, Erdington’s leafy gardens are ideal for hot, sunny days, so who could blame them for heading outside for an al fresco lunch? They could never be accused of doing things by halves and served up a host of meaty treats alongside all the trimmings and vegetarian options.  Service users helped out with the burger flipping, kebab skewering and sausage sizzling – it’s fair to say that pretty much everyone ended the day with a full belly!

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Heathcotes Erdington are planning a second BBQ later this month when they hold a Pride Celebration on Saturday 26th May. Also featuring various games and a bouncy castle, the event will celebrate equality and diversity, coinciding with Birmingham Pride on the same weekend. We gather that Erdington was one of various Heathcotes services which took advantage of the sun and seized the chance for an early barbecue - hopefully there will be plenty more opportunities in the coming months!

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