Newborn ducklings are top of the pecking order!

18th Jun 2018

Around this time last year we reported that Heathcotes’ services in Arnold took a collective decision to keep some pets and chose to make a happy home for some ducklings.
Having taken the baby birds under their wing, the service users have created a very nurturing environment for their feathered friends and we are delighted to report that, one year on, another ten ducklings have arrived! The next generation hatched earlier this week and they are keeping everyone busy, including their parents and all of the service users!


In the past year the service users have shown fantastic commitment to looking after the ducks and they have learnt a great deal about taking care of pets. Special mention must go to AP, who takes time every day to check on the birds and clean, feed and water them with help from other residents. Fittingly it was AP who discovered the newborn arrivals during one of his morning checks! Another special mention should also go to TN, who helped to build the duck fences and bird feeder to accommodate the newly-expanded family.

Heathcotes Arnold has taken on a number of other pets and now has the unofficial title of ‘Arnold Farm.’ Also home to fish, guinea pigs and rabbits, the services will be passing on five of the ducklings when they have grown big enough to move to our Moorgreen services, where they are sure to provide great company for the residents.

All of the animals at ‘Arnold Farm’ enjoy their fair share of love and affection, but the super-cute ducklings have gone straight to the top of the pecking order!


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