LT’s transformation is life-affirming

14th Jan 2019

Mwanza and Leo

Change can be an unsettling experience for many people, but it’s often especially stressful for individuals with learning disabilities and mental health needs. When a service user is placed at one of our services, the settling in period is generally the most the most difficult time for the individual. However, with the support of our staff and the family-style environment that Heathcotes provide, our service users invariably feel more at home and more at ease with time. It is always rewarding to see this happen and a recent example at our Lutterworth View service showed a remarkable improvement which has made everyone extremely proud.

LT arrived at the end of August 2018 and found it difficult at first. Prior to joining us, he was displaying significant challenging behaviour on a regular basis. His first few weeks were extremely challenging and he required high levels of support. Since then LT has not only settled but started to flourish as a resident at Lutterworth.

Services Manager, Connor Greaves, described LT’s progress:

“The support team at Lutterworth showed consistency and LT soon realised that he could trust them. Since those early days, LT has done and achieved so much. He has accessed the community for the first time since March, slowly being reintroduced during his second week, and he now has regular, meaningful community access. LT visited the park and trampoline park and has been reintroduced to education for the first time since 2016. He is now four weeks into his courses in Maths, Art, Geography and English. He also enjoys spending time in communal areas of the home with other service users.

“The staff have recently taken LT for a family meal to celebrate his 18th birthday and this would have been unheard of six months ago. Special mention has to go to LT’s keyworker Mwanza Kamola, who works 50 over hours per week with him. Mwanza has been an integral part of LT’s success, but all of his core team are very dedicated and amazing individuals.”

Leo and Mwanza

“LT continues to make us proud of the things he does, and he is very receptive to encouragement from staff.  I think 2019 will be a big year for LT in terms of development and access to more opportunities in the community.”

LT’s progress attracted praise from his social worker, who said: “what a transformation and a testament to your team. Amazing work and life-affirming.”

Well done to LT and all the team at Lutterworth!

LT is just one of many success stories that we see every day at Heathcotes - providing individuals with the support they require to live a happy and meaningful life in the community is our area of expertise and seeing successes like this reaffirm why we do what we do.

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