LP fancies a pizza the action!

28th Jan 2019


A service user at Heathcotes Flanshaw rekindled his love of cuisine when he returned to the kitchen to bake a delicious home-made pizza.

LP sees himself as something of a chef and enjoys cooking, but rarely had the opportunity prior to moving into our Flanshaw services. He arrived in September 2018 and soon expressed a desire to brush up his culinary skills. With help from his support worker, Daniel Smith, LP opted for an Italian classic and got to work with a rolling pin to shape a thin-crust base.  He added ham, peppers, tomato and cheese to serve up a truly tasty treat.


As the photograph shows, LP’s creation is a mouth-watering sight – and we’re told it tasted every bit as good as it looks. When it comes to freshly prepared pizza, LP’s effort takes some topping! 


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