JS moves on to supported living as new chapter begins

12th Mar 2019

JS photo

Everyone experiences ups and downs, and our service users are no different. Sometimes they take a step back before they step forward and so it proved for JS, who lives at Heathcotes Aylestone and is now thriving after a difficult period in his life.

JS had a turbulent time in previous placements but has settled very well at Aylestone- he is learning new skills and taking part in new activities and continues to build upon his independence. Regarded as a true gentleman who always had a smile on his face, JS has quickly become a well-loved member of the household.

Unfortunately, at the end of 2017, his mental health declined after many things in his life changed in a short period of time. He became very withdrawn and didn’t want to see his friends and family or take part in his favourite activities.  For months JS wanted to be left alone and even refused to celebrate Christmas, normally his favourite time of year.

Various health professionals worked alongside the Aylestone staff to encourage JS to re-engage with the team. After a year of self-isolating, with the continued support from his staff team, JS began engaging again. They were small steps at first –making a cup of tea, taking part in light interaction or doing a household task. Staff supported JS with a consistent approach and soon saw his confidence return. He now asks to go out several times a day and has reintegrated with other residents, becoming an enthusiastic participant in activities. JS now attends college twice a week and often goes out to see his family for several days at a time.

JS has done so well that he is now ready to take a major leap in his progress with a move from Aylestone’s residential setting to a supported living provision. He is currently visiting potential new accommodation and taking a lead in making a positive decision about the next chapter of his life.

The way JS has recovered with renewed strength and purpose is a testament to his character. It’s also an example of how our staff can make a difference with support when it is needed most. Much of our work is about helping our service users to maximise the fun, happiness and fulfilment of everyday life, but our work is equally important during the difficult times.

Heathcotes are delighted to see JS moving on to a more independent setting – as much as he will be missed, it is fantastic when we see such outcomes. We will continue to support him with his transition to independent living and we hope that he takes many more forward steps over the coming years in his new home.

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