Lynsey’s thoughtful idea spreads kindness at Heathcotes Leeds

15th Mar 2019


We all appreciate acts of kindness, especially when they are unexpected. Whether it’s complimenting a stranger or giving up a seat on a bus for someone else, a small gesture can have a big impact.


At Heathcotes, we know how much those moments can matter, so it was pleasing to hear that our Leeds services took part in Random Acts of Kindness Day last month. Services Manager, Lynsey Clark, wanted to do something for the staff. She decided to fill envelopes with kind messages and hide them around the home for the team to discover. Each message invited the finder to add their own little message and hide it away in a different location to spread the kindness.  Some of the envelopes contained blank pages for them to write their own messages.


The idea was typically thoughtful of Lynsey. It also reflected a wider belief at Heathcotes Group which places great importance on acknowledging the work that our staff do.  Supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our service users is the core of Heathcotes’ work, but it is also vital to pay attention to our staff too.  


Random Acts of Kindness Day was launched with a belief that a kinder world is possible. Lynsey and Heathcotes Leeds certainly did their bit for the cause!


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