Jade spreads joy at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

8th May 2019


It’s always pleasing to hear about the many acts of kindness that take place at our services and we recently received news of a very touching gesture by Jade, a service user at Heathcotes Woodseats Lodge in Sheffield. Earlier in her life, Jade had spent some time as a patient at Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital and she has never forgotten the support she received there. It made her think about the children currently receiving treatment at the hospital and inspired her to make a special visit. Jade wrote to Heathcotes to pass on her news, so here’s the full story in her own words:

“I decided to make some Easter baskets and chocolate hampers for the poorly children at Sheffield’s Children’s Hospital. I had decided to do this for this amazing place because they helped to make me better when I was younger and it’s something that means a lot to me. When I was younger, I spent around two years in Sheffield Children’s Hospital on Ward 1.  They really made a difference to my life. Now looking back, I realised how much they had done for me to help me get better so that’s why I wanted to give something back.

The support staff at Woodseats Lodge helped me collect things for the hampers and lots of people donated things. I went to the Children’s Hospital with support staff and my foster carer Val to give the hampers and chocolate. Parents of the children on the ward were looking at the Easter boxes that I made.  They were all so happy and said that I did really well. I took something out of the box to give to a little baby girl and her foster mum who was looking after her. I also gave other children toys and teddies and gave the parents and the nurses cupcakes! Everyone that was involved cried with joy and happiness.  I really felt that everyone was proud of me. I got emotional when I went around the rooms to give another baby girl a teddy and a dress.

It made me really happy taking it all and seeing the children so happy picking what they wanted out of my Easter boxes. I definitely felt I gave something back after this and I can’t wait to do again!”

Well done, Jade – you certainly spread some joy and everyone at Heathcotes is very proud of what you did!




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