LT’s dancefloor moves are a huge step forward

10th Jun 2019

Earlier this year, Heathcotes brought you some very positive news about LT, a service user who made some excellent progress after a few initial challenges when he moved into our Lutterworth services. We are delighted to provide an update on LT’s continued development following his biggest achievement to date, an example of the rewards to be gained from what we call positive risk taking.

For some service users, taking part in outings and new experiences can carry the possibility of challenging behaviour. However, these activities are worth encouraging as they have the potential to achieve a real breakthrough in the way our service users interact and integrate with fellow residents and the wider community.

Last month Heathcotes arranged for LT to take a trip to a cinema and he watched the whole film without a single hiccup. The result was regarded as a significant marker in LT’s progress, building on his development which is already considered to be well ahead of schedule. This success gave the Lutterworth team the confidence to attempt another positive risk taking exercise and they arranged for LT to go to a disco for people with learning disabilities.

LT had a lot of fun at the disco. He danced and enjoyed being around over 100 people that he’d never met before. The defining highlight was seeing how LT was able to enjoy the occasion with his peers and other residents at Lutterworth. It felt like a culmination of all the good work put in by all involved, including LT himself.

Connor Greaves, Service Manager at Lutterworth View, explained:

“Since LT arrived at Lutterworth, we have been able to develop his behaviour around the other people we support so that he isn’t so isolated and alone. This started with LT coming downstairs and sitting in the lounge for an hour a day, which then increased and increased until eventually we got to the stage where we felt confident he could manage a trip into the community with some of the other people who live here. We tried it at the disco and it proved to be a huge moment to celebrate. The team have worked tirelessly and continue to push boundaries to get the very best out of each individual. They’re already planning and discussing what the next big step and milestone is going to be!”

Great work from everyone involved at Heathcotes Lutterworth – we’re delighted for LT and we look forward to hearing about his next leap in progress!


78A7CBD1LT Disco


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