JR finds a recipe for success!

11th Jun 2019

Heathcotes’ full-time residential care services provide a place for our service users to enjoy the fun of group activities and the shared experience of living together with 24-hour support from our staff. However, some service users are at a different stage in their life and seeking to develop their independence. For those individuals, our independent supported living is an ideal option and one of our latest residents is certainly thriving in this self-contained environment.

JR arrived at Heathcotes in December 2018 with an aim to become more self-sufficient and learn new skills. JR previously lived in a rural area which offered few opportunities to meet new people, so his desire for a more independent life was matched by a desire for a more active social life. Having moved into one of our supported living properties in Northamptonshire, enjoying his own space with part-time support from Heathcotes staff, JR’s first big goal was to find himself a voluntary job.

It’s fair to say that JR’s plan is firmly on-track. He found voluntary work in a model railway shop and, as someone with a keen interest in trains, JR is thoroughly enjoying his time there. JR started out working at the shop with his one-to-one support worker, but the level of support has been reduced over time.  He now attends work on his own, a reflection of his growing confidence and independence. This progress has been a source of immense pride and satisfaction for both JR and Heathcotes.

JR’s social aspirations are also coming to fruition. He now lives in a two-bedroom house with another service user and has also built a friendship with a service user who lives next door. Having discovered a shared passion for playing cards and dominos, JR and his friend next-door have built an excellent relationship and booked a holiday together.

JR has certainly come a long way in a short space of time. When he arrived at Heathcotes, JR required support to cook a meal, but with support from staff he now enjoys honing his skills in the kitchen and is becoming a handy chef as he continues to build his independence. No doubt about it – Heathcotes’ independent supported living has been a recipe for success!


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