A Guide for Social Workers


We work with over fifty Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Local Authorities across the UK and speak with Social Workers and Care Managers on a daily basis.  We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding Heathcotes services to act as a point of reference to help you in your search for an appropriate placement. Due to the complex needs of the service users we support, this list is by no means exhaustive and is more of a generic starting point. Please call us on 01246 556 453 with any specific questions you may have.
How do I make a referral?

Please contact the Placement Coordinator on 01246 556 453 to discuss your service user’s individual requirements. Alternatively you can send us your details and we will call you back by clicking here. If you prefer to use a referral form, please click here to download a referral form.

Do you take emergency referrals?

Yes. If we have a suitable vacancy in a service we are able to accept emergency referrals. Please call the Placements Coordinator to discuss the emergency referral.

How do you manage challenging behaviour?

All our staff are NAPPI trained and the Heathcotes Group employ dedicated NAPPI advisors who work with service staff and service users to develop innovative, person centred strategies to manage challenging behaviour. The team help to identify the root cause of any behaviours quickly, enabling the service user to progress to more independent living at the earliest opportunity.

What training do your staff receive?

All our staff are trained in a therapeutic and holistic behaviour management programme with a focus on Non Abusive Physical and Psychological Interventions (NAPPI). NAPPI is a specific approach to managing challenging behaviour with an emphasis on Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).  NAPPI is accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) and provides a framework for providers to assess, manage and prevent challenging behaviour.

What is your core staffing ratio?

Our core staffing ratio is one member of staff to three service users.

Do you have waking night staff or sleep-ins?

All staff are awake during the night. On occasion, we put in additional sleep in staff to support the service there are cases of challenging behaviour during the night.

Do you use the CFC?

We don’t use the CFC routinely but we do provide a full cost breakdown that mirrors the CFC. If you prefer that we use the CFC, please send us your template and we will endeavour to work to it.

Do you take service users who are detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (Amended 2007)?

No. As a residential provider we are unable to accept service users who are detained under the Mental Health Act. We can take service users on a Community Treatment Order (CTO) or we can apply to use Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS).

How many beds do your services have?    

All Heathcotes services have small bed numbers to maintain the homely feel of the service and to allow our service users the space they require.  The majority of service have either six or eight ensuite bedrooms. 

We recognise that environment plays a key role of the progression of our service users and we invest continuously in maintaining and developing our environments in accordance with the needs of our service users, allowing them to move on to more independent living as quickly as possible. 

What community activities are nearby?

All services are situated close to city, town or village centres and all have good transport links, both to other towns and to the motorway network. Services are situated within easy reach of local community resources such as advocacy services, healthy lifestyles groups, fitness centres, local colleges and employment support services; all such links can be developed whilst at Heathcotes and continued on leaving our services, enabling our service users to leave us with a good community support network. 

Do you have a multidisciplinary team (MDT)?

As a provider of residential care, we do not have our own multidisciplinary teams. We work in partnership with local community teams to ensure each service user receives the treatment and/or service they require. We do however work with a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who provides Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) for service users with a Personality Disorder and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for other service user groups.

Can I/my service user visit the service before making a decision?

Of course! Please contact the Placements Coordinator on 01246 556 453 to arrange a visit. We also welcome visits from family members and staff members at the service user’s current placement.

Can my service user bring their own furniture?

We provide bedroom furniture as part of the weekly fee however if your service user would like to bring items of furniture with them, please discuss this with us at the earliest opportunity. We try to accommodate all requests however it depends on the size of the service user’s allocated bedroom.

Where can I see your Care Quality Commission (CQC) reports?

Our CQC rating and report can be seen on our website on each individual service page. Please visit www.heathcotes.net and select ‘Find a Service’ to look at a particular service. Alternatively, you can search for the service on the CQC website at www.cqc.org.uk.