Challenging Behaviour

Non Abusive Physical and Psychological Interventions (NAPPI)

NAPPI-logoNAPPI is a specific approach to managing challenging behaviour with an emphasis on Positive Behaviour Support (PBS).  NAPPI is accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) and provides a framework for providers to assess, manage and prevent challenging behaviour.

The Heathcotes Group was awarded the NAPPI centre of excellence status in 2014 after having demonstrated an ongoing commitment to embedding the principles of PBS into our culture and adhering to the BILD Code of Practice for the Use and Reduction of Restrictive Physical Interventions (2010)

NAPPI Advisors and the Outcomes Team

Our specialist Outcomes Team consists of Behaviour Specialists and Non Abusive Physical and NAPPI advisors. The team work with staff and service users to develop person centred strategies to manage challenging behaviour including unpredictable disruptive behaviour, physical aggression, verbal aggression and self-injurious behaviour.

Coloured Tubes - our specialisms

The team assess the nature, frequency and intensity of the challenging behaviour as well as the individual’s level of functioning and communication skills and develop a unique plan to reduce the incidents of the identified behaviours. The team examine any social and environmental factors including daily routine and assess any conditions that cause pain or discomfort. Risk, capacity and safeguarding assessments are also carried out and woven into each service users individual plan.

The team also provide support during the transition period if an individual has a particularly complex history and also provide bespoke workshops and training resources which focus on specific areas of challenging behavior exhibited by an individual.

Our Outcomes team work to identify the root cause of the challenging behaviour quickly to ensure service users can move on to more independent living at the earliest opportunity.

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