"A dedication to achieving positive outcomes.."

19th Nov 2012

"I am e-mailing to inform you about positive collaborative working carried out with management and staff at Heathcotes Blackburn.

The work is in relation to a gentleman (N) who has recently moved into the flat at Heathcotes Blackburn. Following quite a traumatic 18 months leading up to his move and historical issues around living arrangements, there was a real concern that N would make himself homeless. Historically he had also experienced very negative staff support which caused a significant increase in what were perceived to be negative and challenging behaviours. There is no denying that N is a complex gentleman who requires a very specific, person centred approach to working with him.

Since moving to Heathcotes Blackburn and following an extremely well supported transition, N has settled well, has made positive relationships with staff and service users, is engaging well and most importantly reports he is ‘happy.’ Staff have welcomed professional advice, training and support and have implemented all recommended strategies with great success, taking into consideration what is important to N. This has been managed so well that as a service we now feel that N no longer requires our intervention as all his communication needs are being consistently met by staff, his behaviours have significantly reduced and staff have demonstrated the use of recommended strategies in some potentially tricky situations.

It is a pleasure to see such person centred, non-judgemental working and dedication in achieving positive outcomes, not just for N but other service users we have worked together to support.

I have informed Amanda Dean that I will be sending this e-mail to highlight the positive practise at Heathcotes Blackburn. I would hope that the management and staff team are made aware of their excellent work and our thanks are extended to them."