'Thank you to staff!'

22nd Dec 2014


Following a Christmas party at Heathcotes Aylestone, a parent got in touch with us and had this to say about the team at Heathcotes Aylestone:

"I just wanted to thank you and all the staff for the wonderful Christmas Party on Friday.  We feel so blessed for S to be cared for by such wonderful and diligent staff, all his family are extremely happy with his care and couldn't wish for better.  You clearly all work very hard to run a tight ship.

In the two years S has been resident with you he has matured incredibly, he no longer uses his photos to communicate as support workers have taken the time to listen to him and learn his way of speech and I'm really grateful.  He is very happy and content and always happy to come home to you when I've taken him out.  I feel the staff aren't just his support team but also offer friendship and he has clearly bonded with many.  I no longer have sleepless nights worrying about him.

Once again a huge thank you for everything and well done for pulling it all together."